Tonight’s Lineup

Tonight’s lineup against Atlante Futbol Club is as follows:

—–Albright— Heaps— Parkhurst— Igwe

Bench: Doug Warren, Brad Knigton, Adam Cristman, Joe Franchino, Gary Flood, Kyle Helton, Sainey Nyassi, Sam Brill
Injured: Steve Ralston (calf), Rob Valentino (knee), Spencer Wadsworth (ankle)

Notes: Humid here in Playa del Carmen … warm, but humid … a festive atmosphere here at the stadium with classic Mexican music – and Atlante’s anthems and supporters songs – playing from the field-level sound system.

Check out the “in-game feed” below:

Kickoff – Atlante’s supporters group is in the far corner of the field and cheering on their teams. Revs in traditional all white road kits, with Atlante in blue shorts and blue and red vertical striped tops.

2′ – Kenny Mansally sees a shot go high from close range

4′ – Taylor’s header goes over the crossbar

9′ – Atlante long-range kick from outide the box off a corner kick – saved my Matt.

13′ – Free kick for th Revs after Wells is taken down from behind after he deeks three different defenders

16′ – Albright sends Taylor in alone, but T’s shot on the turn and across his body goes high

17′ – Taylor and Wells nearly connect again in close but Wells threads a ball in just a bit too late for Taylor’s run.

21′ – Altante earns a free kick just outside the left side of the area … plays a short pass to top of the box and the shot is blocked by the wall, as is the rebound, before it can be cleared … nothing gets through to Matt.

25′ – Lots of players slipping on the field, especially here on the near side and the area of the box on the far side of the field.

26′ – Shalrie gets a yellow … we on the bench think for being a foot taller than the guy he was battling with for the ball.

30′- Kenny Mansally gets a yellow for a tackle at midfield … he was clipped from behind by the same player two steps before …the guy he tackled ended up being stretchered off.

32′-The other Kenny – Khano Smith – gets a yellow for something else we can’t figure out

33′ – Substitute for Atlante for the stretchered player.

34′ – Tons of whistles and fouls and stoppages in this game – very disjointed … the field is also playing very fast.

36′ – Khano got “melted” as our coaches would say in our defensive third … game is definitely getting more pysical and the player whot got him picks up a yellow.

38′ – Atlante Scores, 1-0 … a scramble ensues in front of the net with Matt on the far post and the ball trickles through on the near post.

40′ – Atlante looks to have scored a second goal on a one-on-one break, but the player is ruled to have come from an off-side position.

HALFTIME – Atlante 1, New England 0

Notes: Game is mostly being played in the midfield with both teams getting about equal chances … the spot on the field where most peolpe are falling is totally ripped up right now … some of the players look like they’ve been wrestling in dirt all afternoon … the match is getting progressively more physical … GM Craig Tornberg made a special presentation to Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez, the municiple presidente of Quinta Roo, at halftime … there are a few thousand people in the stands, which is impressive considering Atlante plays its home matches in Cancun, about an hour and a half from Playa del Carmen.

No halftime substitutions for the Revs.

48′ – Yellow card to Jeff Larentowicz … “dissent”

49′ – Headed on ball after a free kick saved by Matt

54′- Shalrie breaks through the midfield after a throw in and tries to feed Taylor coming down the middle, but the Atlante defense gets to it first
56′ – Wells picks up a yellow card.

61′ – Remember how I said things we getting chippy? Yeah, worse now.

62′ – Jay Heaps picks up a yellow for one of regular slide tackles after the same thing was done to him two steps before.

65′ – By our count, more half the Revs players on the field have a yellow card … one forward, all midfielders and two defenders. Atlante has one.

67′- Make that all but three players now – Parky picks one up for something that the bench didn’t consider a foul, but rather a dive.

70′ – Revs sub: Joe Franchino for Igwe

72′ – Atlante sub: No. 23 for No. 4 (center back)

74′ – Free kick after Joey is fouled about 28 yards out … Jeff’s free kick sails a bit high and wide of the upper right corner

75′ – Revs sub: Sainey Nyassi in for Khano on the left.

76′ – Shot just wide by Atlante on the counter after a Revs free kick was blocked by a wall that was six yards from the ball

77′ – Atlante flcked-on header from 10 yards saved by Matt

79′ – Joey gets melted from behind and comes up limping

80′ – Mayham, fighting, pushing, shoving

81′ – Jeff and Albright are red carded and an Atlante player is red carded … Joey has to get subbed for the injury with Gary Flood going on for him. Igwe had to go back onto the field for Albright … Kyle Helton also ended up on the field for Larentowicz.

83′ – Atlante gets a yellow for pulling Kenny Mansally down on a breakaway over midfield.

84′ – FYI, we’re playing 11v10 and we’re down a man after all that confusion. We think it’s supposed to be 10v9, but we’re not saying anything.

90′ – Heat and pysical play is draining the guys right now on any attempt to go on the attack.

90′ – Free kick by Gary 35-yards out connects with Shalrie’s head on the near post, but his header flicks the post and goes wide.

FINAL – Atlante 1, New England Revolution 0

11 Responses to Tonight’s Lineup

  1. bwidell says:

    I really like this lineup I really like. Could it be our starting lineup for the year? (With Rally on at right mid in place of Wells)

    I’m interested to see how Igwe does at leftback, I really like the kid and now’s his chance to show that he can contribute.

    The longer we go without having Castro in camp, the more it seems like he won’t be starting. Plus, his signing has seemed to light a fire under Khano’s butt (so far at least).

  2. Solnishka says:

    Hmm… should be interesting to see how Igwe does. I really like this lineup.

  3. Phil says:

    Thanks for the in game updates!

  4. Matty says:

    Nice to see people as interested in this as me, thanks for the updates

  5. George Griffin (Soccer Doc) says:

    This chippy response from Latin teams and “homer” Refs has been the norm for the Revs in preseason. When we outplay them they resort to “stuff”. A real shame.

  6. Matty says:

    gotta love preseason football trip south of the border…on a bright note the boys are getting much needed experience for the upcoming campaign

  7. Solnishka says:

    The reffing sounds nice…

  8. Kel says:

    Wow, you know something is wrong when PARKY gets a yellow.

  9. George Griffin (Soccer Doc) says:

    The kind of treatment the Revs are getting will sure increase their motivation for when they meet this team again for real.

  10. bwidell says:

    Should be a fun match when we play these guys for real in SuperLiga.

  11. Benny says:

    This kind of lineup has never sat well with me. Steve and Paul for the past 6 years have kept mainly to a 3-5-2 philosophy and to switch it up now makes me uneasy. Perhaps I just need to adjust my eyes to seeing another central defender next to Parky. Some things never change, and Mansally has now joined the ever growing list of gems discovered by Steve and Paul.

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